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We love our work. We love to see our hard work in the projects we have completed.

We live in the neighborhoods we serve, so we take great pride in seeing these homes on full display, knowing that our coatings make the homes look so clean and bright, and knowing that the homeowners are happy with the outcome. We have compiled a gallery of photographs to display some of the homes that have our coatings. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want your home to look the same way.

Home Coating Before
Final Inspection
Home Coating After
Final Inspection
Step 1: Thorough Inspection
Step 2: Power Wash with Fungicide
Power Wash
Step 3: Repair
Step 4: Sanding & Scraping
Sanding & Scraping
Step 5: Caulking
Step 6: Masking
Step 7: Priming
Step 8: Apply the Finish Coat
Apply the Finish Coat
Step 9: Detail Finish Touch Up
Detail Finish Touch Up
Step 10: Clean Up
Clean Up
Step 11: Final Inspection
Final Inspection

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House Siding Texture
House Siding Texture
House Siding Texture
House Siding Texture
House Siding Texture
House Siding Texture
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