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Rhino Shield MidSouth Offers Home Services

Rhino Shield MidSouth isn’t just a Rhino Shield Coating company; we also offer a range of home services. If your home suffers from damage or requires repairs, we will get your dream home back into shape. Services we offer include:


Does your roof need replacement or just a repair? Our roofing experts can examine your roof with a thorough eye and give you a transparent report, so you know exactly what the damage is. We can then discuss the next steps and treatment options that will fit your budget and needs.


Gutters are one of the essential items that help to protect your home. They allow for water to be drained safely away from the home and foundation. Installing or repairing gutters now can potentially save you from water damage and high repair costs down the road. At Rhino Shield MidSouth, we offer gutter installation and repair.


Drywall is present throughout most of our homes, and it can often be easily damaged. Whether it has been affected by moisture, marked up over the years, or has had a hole put through it from some type of accident, Rhino Shield MidSouth is here to help.


Sheetrock is a commonly used brand of drywall, and like most standard types of drywall, it can be damaged over time by water, force, decorations, etc. We can repair portions of or replace entire walls of sheetrock.

Interior Millwork

Need some extra finish work done to your home? We can install interior millwork items like cabinets, trim, counters, and crown molding. If you need it installed or repaired, we are here for you.

Tile & Wood Flooring

Ready to pull up that carpet and put in a fresh modern floor? Started putting down floors and realized it was more work than you thought? We can put in tile or wood floors promptly and efficiently.


Is your stucco cracking? Is it missing chunks? Does it need to be replaced? Do you want it painted a new color? We can handle all things Stucco at Rhino Shield MidSouth.

Hardie Board & Vinyl Siding Installation

Are you tired of the way the outside of your home looks? If you want to install some new Hardie Board or vinyl siding, it’s time to call Rhino Shield MidSouth. Our crew can make quick work of the installation process.


Sometimes getting that dream home requires destruction. If you need a wall knocked down, columns demolished, or a whole house destroyed, our demolition team can handle it.

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Whether you need Rhino Shield for your home or business, our painting contractors can get you started with a free estimate today. Contact Rhino Shield MidSouth for a protective paint coating that you can rely on for 25 years!

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